What Is Domain Privacy Protection? Why Is It Important?

Before we start with Domain Privacy Protection, first, let us understand the basics of WHOIS data. What is the ICANN WHOIS Directory? ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the nonprofit organization tasked with managing the domain name system of the larger internet. That includes generating new top-level domains and operating root name servers. But the task they’re most known for is running the WHOIS directory. The WHOIS directory keeps a record of every active website domain and who runs it. ICANN doesn’t manage it entirely on their own; they work with a number of registrants that […]

What Is “Mixed Content,” Why Is Chrome Blocking It? and How to Correct Mixed Content

Google Chrome already blocks some types of “mixed content” on the web. Now, Google announced it’s getting even more serious: Starting in early 2020, Chrome will block all mixed content by default, breaking some existing web pages. Here’s what that means. What Is Mixed Content? There are two types of content: Content delivered over a secure, encrypted HTTPS connection, and content delivered over an unencrypted HTTP connection. When you use HTTPS, content can’t be snooped on or tampered with in transit, which is why its critical websites offer encryption when dealing with financial information or private data. The web is […]

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Configure a Firewall in Linux

Before starting with the steps involved in configuring a firewall in Linux, let’s make sure we understand what a firewall is and how it works. Understanding what a firewall is and how it works: A firewall is network security software that monitors your network’s incoming and outgoing traffic. In simple words, This is an intermediary system between the device and the internet. Thus, the barrier is placed between the safe and unsafe place. The safe place is your private network and the unsafe place is the internet. This way, a firewall not only eliminates unwanted network communication but also prevents your […]

How to Change the WordPress Database Prefix to Improve Security !!

WordPress is a content management application that shops your website’s contents, posts, pages, subject matters, plugins, and themes in a database. A database is the storage of the website and incorporates every single record. While installing WordPress, humans tend to depart the prefix wp_, which is the default. This makes it the target for hackers and spammers and may run automated codes for sq. Injections. The safest way to protect your database is with the aid of changing the database prefix while setting up your WordPress web page. In this post, you’ll learn how you can make your database safe […]

Adding More Languages to Your Website?

The majority of the websites have viewers that are spread out all over the world. Therefore, the majority of visitors to your website are not likely to speak your language. Due to this, English-language websites often have to translate their content into other languages in order to make sure all of their users have a positive experience. Adding different languages to your website may greatly improve the number of people that visit it. Online retailers, for example, may profit from translating their product and checkout websites in order to increase their worldwide business. Do you want to expand the number […]

How to Avoid Failed Payments on Your eCommerce Site

Failed payments can have a negative impact on your e-commerce site, even if they’re not your fault. They can cause delays in your income and lead to both canceled memberships and lost customers.  In fact, any situation that poses a threat to your income can become stressful fast. However, staying calm when you encounter a failed transaction can help you quickly resolve the issue. In order to avoid these issues, it’s important to put preventative measures in place and to have a reliable line of communication with your customers. It’s also vital to know how to recover payments when failures […]

Free Web Hosting Vs Paid Web Hosting

Choosing between free web hosting and paid web hosting is a personal preference determined by the nature of your website and the contents you desire to host. Anyone who intends to establish a modest website or just a home page should consider free web hosting. However, if you want to start an internet company or create a more prominent website with high-quality material, you should consider a paid web hosting provider. A web hosting service provides you with access to a web server as well as room to store and distribute your website’s data with the rest of the world. […]

8 Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

Your website is changing (and growing). What was once a tiny virtual area has now grown into a thriving commercial platform on its own. Isn’t this what all of us aim for? But there are several things that can come in the way of that growth, a few hiccups that can hinder its scalability. So it’s essential to recognize these things and address them head-on. Web hosting is one of those elements that can make or break the deal for your website’s growth and prosperity. Your website will struggle if it doesn’t offer the features and support. So, ideally, you […]

Why Good Web Design Is Important And How To Achieve It

The majority of companies understand the value of having a website. After all, your business’s internet appearance may make or ruin it. However, is having a website sufficient, or do you need more? If your small company is restrained by budget constraints or technological limitations, investing in a well-designed, professional website may seem overwhelming. Alternatively, if you currently have a functional (but out-of-date) website, you may question the usefulness of a makeover. Numerous studies and evidence indicate that excellent design is critical and that your business’s website design has an effect on customer experience, lead generation, and, eventually, your bottom […]

Best Online Tools to Take Your Side-Hustle to the Next Level

These days it seems like everyone has a side-hustle or a passion project that they’re pursuing outside of their nine-to-five. Most people have a demanding 9-5, families, a rigorous exercise schedule, Netflix shows to catch up on, and other pressing goals. Having a side hustle is a great way to make a little extra money, do something you enjoy and feel empowered. Time management is the secret key. Here is a list of essential online tools for side hustlers that will help you Thankfully, there are several online project management tools that will help you stay organized and productive, no […]
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