9 benefits of using cPanel for your cheap Linux reseller hosting account

Everybody loves easy management. No one likes complicated steps and processes to do their everyday tasks. And this is applicable to everything, from your work to life. After all, so many brilliant and innovative technologies have died out over the years because they were complicated to use and control. And if you plan on starting your own web hosting business using cheap Linux reseller hosting, then there is a lot of management that you have to look forward to. It takes time and effort to build your own web hosting business from the ground up. And if you add complex […]

What Is Domain Privacy Protection? Why Is It Important?

Before we start with Domain Privacy Protection, first, let us understand the basics of WHOIS data. What is the ICANN WHOIS Directory? ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the nonprofit organization tasked with managing the domain name system of the larger internet. That includes generating new top-level domains and operating root name servers. But the task they’re most known for is running the WHOIS directory. The WHOIS directory keeps a record of every active website domain and who runs it. ICANN doesn’t manage it entirely on their own; they work with a number of registrants that […]

Important Update On cPanel Price Hike !!

  cPanel issued a major statement concerning its pricing structure for its Partners, Distributors, and retail customers during the final week of June 2019. There have been a lot of mixed feelings among web hosting firms after the announcement of the new cPanel price and license structure on Thursday, June 27th, 2019. cPanel made the decision to discontinue the provision of limitless accounts for their web hosting control panel, seemingly out of nowhere. Instead, and with immediate effect, they implemented a multi-tiered licensing framework to replace it. In its defense, cPanel points out that when the company established its initial […]
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