8 Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

Web hosting is one of those elements that can make or break the deal for your website’s growth and prosperity.

    Your website is changing (and growing) What was once a tiny virtual area has now grown into a thriving commercial platform on its own. Isn’t this what all of us aim for?

    But there are several things that can come in the way of that growth… A few hiccups that can hinder its scalability. It’s important to recognize these things and address them head-on.

    Web hosting is one of those elements that can make or break the deal for your website’s growth and prosperity. If it doesn’t offer the features and support, your website will struggle. So, ideally, you want to have a good web hosting provider, which offers a good plan that supports your growth and business goals. This may mean upgrading your existing hosting plan to accommodate your evolved needs and requirements.

    Here are 8 signs that you need to upgrade your hosting plan:

    1. Your website speed is slow

    There are more than a few factors that affect a website’s speed, and a lot of these are design-related. However, the biggest one among them is your website’s web hosting. It can be that your hosting plan is now not able to handle your site’s surged visitors.

    A shared server may additionally result in speed issues as the server resources such as RAM and CPU are distributed among other sites as well. Whereas, with a VPS or a dedicated server you get devoted RAM, extra bandwidth, and a powerful processor. At MyResellerHome, in addition to offering the best reseller hosting, we also offer shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. For more information, please connect with us.

    2. Your website is experiencing a lot of downtimes

    Downtime or outage duration refers to a time frame that a machine fails to provide or perform its primary characteristic. The unavailability is the share of a time-span that a device is unavailable or offline. This is usually a result of the device failing to function because of an unplanned event, or due to recurring maintenance.

    If instances of downtimes are getting common, it’s time to consult your web hosting provider. Their team will dig into the problem and figure a solution. If the problem continues, it’s time to migrate to an upgraded hosting plan.

    3. Website is getting high traffic during “peak” time

    For instance, during peak season, e-commerce websites get a lot of traffic. During such peak, due to an increase in traffic, the website’s server may overload and experience downtimes. The website may start performing slowly due to this increased load. If this is the case, one certainly needs to upgrade the hosting plan and choose a plan that can cater to this “peak”.

    4. There are security restrictions

    This includes shielding credit card records on payment gateways, private information provided in your online forms, and any private records that cyber-criminals would take benefit of. Whether or not you’re running a small enterprise or a large online store, you have to make sure to hold your customers’ and site visitors’ data safe from hackers.

    An upgraded accurate hosting plan offers advanced security functions, offering layers of protection between your customers’ data and hackers, which includes safety apps, SSL certificates, extra authentication methods, and more.

    5. The IP reputation is bad

    Some servers are flagged for spamming or web hosting malware. When this takes place, their IP addresses can be blacklisted.

      Some servers are flagged for spamming or web hosting malware. When this takes place, their IP addresses can be blacklisted. If your website hosted on a server with a bad IP reputation, it will hurt your business as well. This will have an effect on your search rankings and the deliverability of your emails.

      You can check your server’s IP reputation using the MXLookup tool to see if it has been blacklisted. If so is the case, you want to change your hosting plan ASAP. At MyResellerHome, while offering cheap reseller hosting and other hosting plans, we take extra measures to ensure our customers get the best and white-list solutions that add to their reputation and brand value.

      6. Your account has been suspended

      Your website can be taken off by the hosting provider under certain conditions. The reasons can include:

      ● You haven’t paid the bill on time

      ● A few suspicious activities running in your account

      ● You’re hogging extra resources (with Shared hosting)

      The shared, dedicated and best reseller hosting provider will at least notify you of this suspension. One, if they don’t, you should look for another hosting provider. Second, even if they do, it wouldn’t make much of a difference for the loss you have already sustained during this period when your website was done. You should immediately upgrade your hosting plan to restore your website; at the same time, look for some other solution provider who would refrain from suspending your account and offer several warnings before doing it.

      7. There are space and bandwidth limitations

      You want your website online to look and perform terrifically. This, regularly, would require installing additional updates, software, apps, or plugins. Some of these will be large in size, demanding a bigger chunk of your hosting resources. If you don’t upgrade your website hosting plan, this would affect your site’s performance, even resulting in downtimes. This will subsequently affect your search ranking and lead to business interruption. In short, if there are space and bandwidth limitations, you should ideally upgrade your website hosting plan.

      8. The customer support is poor

      You aren’t necessarily fluent in the technicalities. You need help with different aspects of web hosting. When something goes wrong, you look for someone to assist you through. In such a case, you would expect your web hosting provider to offer you consistent support. If that’s not the case, if your hosting provider doesn’t provide you good and satisfying support, you should either upgrade your plan to avail better service or change your service provider.


      Your website is the core of your business and to make it run smoothly you need to make sure that your hosting plan is appropriate. Not every website needs a VPS or a dedicated server, but when you outgrow your current plan the reason is obvious to upgrade your plan.

      MyResellerHome is one of the top names in the game, offering cheap reseller hosting, along with shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting. We bring industry-best services and support. Whether you’re looking for the best reseller hosting plan, shared hosting, and any other type of hosting, we have all your needs covered under a single roof. Contact us today to know more.

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