Planning to buy multiple domain names? Here are 7 benefits of multiple domains

Planning to buy multiple domain names? In that case, you might have several questions regarding that. Questions like, why buy multiple domain names? How to buy multiple domain names? Does having multiple domain names help SEO? And many more such queries. Well, in that case, you have landed at the right place. People often read or hear about multiple domain names. They read case studies on how a small business online became hugely successful by using multiple domain names. But you must have wondered how is that possible? After all, what is the logic behind all of it, and how […]

7 ways to get website traffic to your new domain name quickly

Website traffic is vital for a business online. But unfortunately, it takes a lot of effort, resources, and time for a business online to generate enough website traffic for their sites to sustain their business and generate a regular cash flow. But it’s even harder and more critical for new domain name and websites. For many people buying a new domain name is exciting as it’s the first step they take towards building their own business online. But the hard part starts after that. Because a new domain name barely has any website traffic. And without any online traffic, there […]

What Is Domain Privacy Protection? Why Is It Important?

Before we start with Domain Privacy Protection, first, let us understand the basics of WHOIS data. What is the ICANN WHOIS Directory? ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the nonprofit organization tasked with managing the domain name system of the larger internet. That includes generating new top-level domains and operating root name servers. But the task they’re most known for is running the WHOIS directory. The WHOIS directory keeps a record of every active website domain and who runs it. ICANN doesn’t manage it entirely on their own; they work with a number of registrants that […]

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost?

Domain names and their registration have existed for a long period of time and, for the most part, will continue to exist. Over 1.8 billion people use Facebook each month, and over 400 million people use Google to search for information. We are all familiar with these websites since we have put their URLs into our browsers. However, are you aware of the significance of those few words? It is the domain name extension after the dot that distinguishes it as uniquely yours. In today’s day and age, it’s uncommon for a business to operate without a website. Your domain […]

Why .XYZ Domain Is The Most Trending Thing Now?

There are many different domains in the world, and they all represent something. For instance, a domain might represent a country, like .us for the United States of America. A domain can also be an acronym such as .edu which stands for schools and colleges. Many people want to share or protect their internet content with a domain name of their own choosing, but there are only so many available.    A domain is a string of characters that tells a computer what website or webpage you are trying to visit. Websites have domains so that the web knows where […]
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