How to Create a Gravatar

    Have you visited websites where you notice either the author or those who have left comments have their photo displayed next to their comments? That’s where Gravatars coming into play. But, what is a Gravatar? If you’ve ever wondered how you, too, can have your photo included when you participate on other websites, enter Gravatar and WordPress.

    An avatar is the image or logo of an author, company, or group on a post or web page. If an avatar is very similar to your display pic on Facebook and other online sites, your avatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar

    What’s the difference between an avatar vs. Gravatar?

    There is not much really difference between an avatar vs. Gravatar .

    Gravatars are your avatar that is displayed on any website using the Gravatar service.

    As an example, let’s say you upload an avatar to a hobby discussion board that you participate on that does not use Gravatars. That avatar will only display on that particular discussion board. However, when you upload that very same avatar to the Gravatar service, that image will display automatically on any websites that integrate Gravatars.

    Your email address is the key to how Gravatars display.

    On websites that integrate Gravatars, the image displayed will be that which you have tied to your email address at

    Benefits of Using a Gravatar:

    Gravatars aren’t just pretty or interesting pictures next to comments or else. They can provide a great number of benefits and advantages for WordPress website owners.

    Having a Gravatar can help you build your online reputation since it will make it easier for people to remember you if they see an image associated with you attached to every post or comment you make.

    How To Create a Gravatar:

    1. Set Up a WordPress Account

    Go to and create an account. After opening an account, WordPress will ask you to authorize it to connect to the Gravatar service.

    2. Register With Gravatar

    Visit the Gravatar website to sign up. It’s located at

    When prompted, provide your email address. Make sure that the email address you use is the one you would use when commenting on websites and forum posts.

    3. Complete Registration

    Once you are done, click “Sign Up” to submit your application. Complete your registration by clicking on the “Activate Account” button that you receive in a confirmation email from

    4. Setting up an Image

    Once your account is set up, and your registration is complete, you will receive a welcome message and will be redirected to your WordPress account. When you log in, It will display a notification message saying that you don’t have an image for your account yet.

    If you choose not to attach an image, will automatically assign one to you. However, it makes sense to use a picture of yourself that you like and are comfortable displaying. Click on the “Add a New Image” button and insert the link to your chosen image or upload the image itself. You can upload a new photo by clicking on the “Choose File” button. Select a picture from your computer and upload it.

    Gravatars usually display as images that are 80×80 pixels in size. You might need to crop the image you uploaded so that it falls within the limits of Gravatar’s allowed image sizes. Once you have set your image, you have to set a rating for your photo. There are four ratings: G, PG, R, and X.

    Having a G rating is better for you in terms of reach, since it will enable your Gravatar to be shown on websites and forums without any restrictions.

      gravatar settings

      5. Choose a Personality

      You can choose a “personality” for your Gravatar. WordPress has several Gravatar personalities you can choose from, including:

      ● Mystery person

      ● Blank

      ● Gravatar Logo

      ● Identicon

      ● Wavatar

      ● Monster ID

      ● Retro

      6. Complete Your Profile

      Once you complete your Gravatar image setup, fill out the rest of your profile.

      Providing relevant details makes it easier for you to engage and interact with other people and grow your business or your online presence.


      If you have a website, make sure you have a Gravatar set up so that YOU aren’t the one with the “mystery man” icon next to your own comment replies. That would be kinda sad, don’t ya think?

      Now, set up your Gravatar and comment below! We’d love to see your pretty face!

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