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Why register a domain name ?

You've got a business or idea you're passionate about and you're ready to bring it online. All you need now is a domain name that fits your business and is impossible for your customers to forget. It hardly takes a few minutes to register a domain name with our secure domain order form

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How does domain name registration work?

Domain name registration and its information are maintained by domain name registries that network with domain registrars, thereby providing registration services to the general public. In other words, the registration of domain names includes the IP addresses of DNS servers belonging to the parent domain. These servers have the authority for the domain and offer a reference point for queries related to domain data.

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How much does domain name registration cost?

Generally, domain name registration cheap plans are available, and they can range anywhere from $9 to $14.99. However, the prices can vary greatly depending on the domain extension and the domain registrar chosen. The domain extensions commonly include .com, .org, and .net, and premium domain names which you buy from someone else also decides the price for domain registration. Moreover, there will be other costs like annual renewals

Get your ideal domain name starting at $13.99/year

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Why transfer a domain name ?

When you start using your new hosting account with us, it may be quite inconvenient to leave your domain name to be managed by your old host. If you do that you will have to communicate with two different organizations: one will be providing the hosting services for your website and the other will be providing domain registration services for your website. In order to move your existing domain and manage it together with your MyResellerHome hosting account you just need to order the domain transfer service.

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How can I protect my privacy online ?

You might not want your personal contact info to be accessible to anyone who searches the Whois database. That's why we provide WhoisGuard privacy protection with every domain registration or transfer. WhoisGuard replaces your contact info with MyResellerHome contact info in the Whois database, so your personal information does not go on public record.

Get your domain privacy protection just at $7.95/year

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What happens when a domain name registration expires?

Irrespective of the domain name registration plans you choose, your expired domain will be deactivated and parked to indicate that it has expired. Several other services like email also stop functioning, and you have to renew the domain to have it start working again. You have the option to choose auto-renewal. You’ll receive multiple emails notifying you of the expiration, and you cannot renew it after it sits idle for more than 60 days.

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Where do I register my domain name?

You can register your domain name on MyResellerHome that hands you exceptional benefits and distinct features tailored for unique business needs. With our hosting plans, you can enjoy a free domain name, free private DNS, and free website builder apart from other revolutionary benefits.

With our reseller hosting plans, you also get a .com domain name extension free for life untill you continue to host with us. You can also transfer your .com domain name to us for free and you can continue to renew the domain with us.

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What add-ons will I get with domain name registration?

Whenever you choose a cheap domain name registration from MyResellerHome, you stand to enjoy several addons that enable better business operations and help you achieve dynamic business objectives without much effort. The most common and important add-ons you can receive are private registration, SSL certificates, a site lock to scan and remove malware, and a secure web accelerator.


Only from $13.99 per year
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Only from $13.99 per year
Only from $13.99 per year
Only from $13.99 per year
Only from $13.99 per year
Only from $13.99 per year



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