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What is a SSL certificate ?

If you're doing business online, you need Secure Sockets Layer protection. SSL locks down your site visitors' sensitive data against fraud and identity theft. An SSL certificate provides encryption (scrambling of data to prevent tampering during transmission) and validation (verification of the business behind the website), and the end result is customer trust. When visitors to your website see that you have SSL protection, they know your business is trustworthy and they can purchase with confidence because your site is secure. 



Rapid SSL  Rapid SSL

RapidSSL is an ideal choice for securing new, small and medium-sized businesses and web pages with limited traffic. RapidSSL is an affordable, domain-validated certificate and is usually issued within minutes. It provides strong 256-bit encryption and comes with a free "Secured by RapidSSL” site seal.

 Single Domain
 No Paperwork



  Rapid SSL Wildcard

You probably know that each SSL certificate is issued to fully qualified domain name. This usual method becomes tedious when you need to secure number of sub-domains on the same domain name. With RapidSSL Wildcard, you can easily secure an unlimited number of sub-domains of the same domain. Online validation, no paperwork.

 Multiple Subdomains
 No Paperwork




EssentialSSL is an inexpensive domain validation certificate suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. The certificate is usually issued in minutes and involves no paperwork. With an EssentialSSL certificate, you get unlimited reissues, mobile browser support and a FREE Comodo Site Seal.

 Single Domain
 No Paperwork



   True BusinessID with EV

Gain a new level of trust with OV certificate that shows your corporate identity by activating the browser padlock and https. This visible sign increases customers' confidence, because they can see right away that your site is authenticated and trustworthy.

 Single Domain
 Green Bar in Browsers



Symantec  Secure Site with EV

Symantec's unique Seal-in-Search feature places the Symantec seal next to your link in search results, so internet users know your website is verified before they even visit you. And the green address bar lets them know they can complete transactions with confidence. Full business validation and all the features. Trust Symantec.

 Multiple Domains
 Green Bar in Browsers



  SSL Web Server with EV

Thawte SSL is a low-cost SSL solution. The certificate is very easy to install. Thawte validates your domain ownership before issuing the certificate. All Thawte SSL123 certificates include a free Thawte Trusted Site Seal and unlimited free reissues. It will take up to two business days for the cert to be issued.

 Multiple Domains
 Green Bar in Browsers


Product Name Validation Key length Encryption
Address Bar
Secures both
with / without
Rapid SSL Domain Validation (DV) 2048-bit Up to 256-bit $30 /year Buy
Rapid SSL Wildcard Domain Validation (DV) 2048-bit Up to 256-bit $150 /year Buy
Comodo EssentialSSL Domain Validation (DV) 2048-bit Up to 256-bit $50 /year Buy
Comodo EV SSL Extended Validation (EV) 2048-bit Up to 256-bit $150 /year Buy
Geotrust True BusinessID
with EV
Extended Validation (EV) 2048-bit Up to 256-bit $200 /year Buy
Symantec Secure Site
with EV
Extended Validation (EV) 2048-bit Up to 256-bit $1099 /year Buy
Thawte SSL Web Server
With EV
Extended Validation (EV) 2048-bit Up to 256-bit $250 /year Buy

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