Free Hosting Vs Paid Hosting : Know The 10 Remarkable Differences

Choosing a free or paid web hosting depends on the type of your website and the contents you wish to host.

Anyone who wishes to have a small website or just a home page then free hosting is a great option. But if you want to establish an online business or a bigger website with the great contents then you must consider a paid hosting service.

A web hosting service gives you a web server to access and a space to store and share your web site data with the world. Some web hosting providers offer these things for free while some charges as per the services you are taking.

The hosting provides to offers free hosting is free web hosting while paid hosting is chargeable for the services you are taking. In paid hosting charges are differentiated in plans varying from different hosting providers.

There are lots of free and paid web hosting providers out. Free web hosting may have lack off features, security and customer support while a paid hosting offers you more features, security, and reliability.

Different companies offer free web hosting at no cost or at a very low cost but keep in mind that here you are limited by the number of server resources. While in paid hosting you are offered the number of server resources as per your hosting plans.

In paid hosting, your hosting plans decide to what features you will have the access while in free hosting you have strict access to the limited features.

The amount of storage space assigned to you by the hosting provider is called the disk space. This disk space will be used to store files you use for your website such as web site files, including text, images, audio, etc.

In paid hosting, you will get common features such as PHP programming, MySQL databases, CGI scripts, and FTP but in free hosting it may not be available.

If your website has a large number of visitors then it will require more bandwidth to have reliable access. Bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic that is allowed to access and leave your website. In free Webhosting your monthly bandwidth allotment might be limited while in paid hosting you may have full bandwidth allotment depends on your hosting plan.

In exchange for their free web hosting services, free web hosting providers may force you to place pop-ups, pop-under, and third-party banner advertisements on your website. But in paid hosting, these things do not happen.

Support is a very important factor in web hosting and it should not come with additional cost. One of the biggest drawbacks of free web hosting services has been the lack of support. It seems that many, all free hosting companies do not provide support in various areas to provide free services. But in paid hosting, you will get full support for all areas.

Also, no hosting provider can offer a 100% guaranteed uptime but definitely in paid to host the uptime is much better than the free hosting.


    Nothing in this world is free !!!

    Free might sound good now, but is it really good in the long term? Your website is your hard work and your ideas put in action, so isn’t it better to go for a reputed web host?

    So this is all about the free web hosting and paid hosting so choose your hosting provider wisely.

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    Andrew Lewis

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