Top 10 tips and practices to enhance your webites UI / UX design

A website can be a lot of things; a marketing tool, a salesperson, an online store, or even a visual representation of your business. But for a website to be effective at what it does, it needs to have great UI / UX design. A good UI / UX design can help elevate your website design and your website in general among your customers and help retain more and more customers.  Every website owner has a different philosophy regarding how their UI / UX design should be. But every good UI / UX design share some basic ideologies and concepts […]

A complete guide to understanding RAID storage: RAID Levels and RAID Types

All of our hosting products and services employ RAID storage. And that’s one of the most prominent features that we are extremely proud of. Our customers really appreciate the fact that we offer RAID storage with all of our hosting options.  But quite often, we come across someone or the other who uses the services of a different web hosting provider but has no clue about the type of storage their hosting provider offer. When we mention that with MyResellerHome’s hosting services, you get the industry-standard RAID storage, they are completely unfaced. And that is when I realized that most […]

Managed or Unmanaged VPS : Which is right for you?

It’s not easy to select the best VPS hosting solution for your needs. It can be hard to decide which is right for you in the world of managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. In this article, we will outline the differences between these two types of VPS hosting and help you decide which is right for your business. What is VPS? A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a type of server that is dedicated to providing a higher level of performance and security than standard shared hosting servers. This type of server is ideal for businesses who need the flexibility […]

Dedicated Server and Reseller Hosting : A comparison

The decision between Dedicated Server and Reseller Hosting is a dilemma all business owners face from time to time. If you are establishing a web hosting business, the first question you must address is whether to use a dedicated server or reseller hosting. You will be more confident in your choice if you are familiar with the differences between both.   Reselling hosting can be done via Dedicated Server and Reseller Hosting accounts alike. They have distinct benefits and drawbacks that vary based on how much control you wish, your budget, and your server administration and maintenance skill level. Dedicated Server and […]

What is Reseller Hosting and how can one profit from it?

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money or to start your own business, a reseller hosting provider may be the perfect opportunity for you. By becoming a reseller hosting provider, you can offer web hosting services to your customers without investing in your own infrastructure.  From the comfort of your home, you can start a wide range of different internet businesses, and many of them are very profitable as well. Reseller hosting is one kind of web company that hasn’t gotten much attention. You can convert reseller hosting services into a highly successful company if you […]

Does Web Hosting affect SEO rankings?

Does web hosting impact your SEO rankings, and which host is best? Let us examine the misinformation and set the record straight here. Lets us start with the basics here first; What is Web Hosting? Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to make their websites accessible via the World Wide Web. When you host a website, you provide space on a server for your site’s files to be stored. In addition, you are likely to need some web hosting plan that includes a domain name and other features, such as e-mail addresses and support for scripting […]

Future of Web Hosting

The world of web hosting has changed dramatically throughout the years! Over 60% of the world’s population spends money on internet services. Furthermore, according to recent data, over 75% of the world’s population will have access to internet services by 2022. As technology advances, so does the way we host and view websites. In the early days of the internet, websites/businesses were hosted on individual/dedicated servers. This soon became impractical and expensive as the web grew in size and popularity.  Web hosting companies began to offer shared hosting VPS plans to solve this problem. These plans allow multiple websites to […]

Fully Managed Dedicated Server

Practically all companies today use dedicated server hosting systems to grow their online presence. The platform is relatively easy to use and offers a diverse variety of services that no other medium can match. As an example, consider any digital firm. The firms operating in this area are dedicated to developing and managing their operations in a friendly manner. Businesses want to establish their own business infrastructure; however, they do not want to be responsible for maintaining it since they want to devote more time to their core operations. It is not, nevertheless, the item that comprises their passion, and […]

11 Best E-Commerce Hosting Providers 2021

Choosing the ‘right’ hosting provider is a tough nut to crack for any website, let alone if it is for an e-commerce site. Why? Because having an online store that is credible, reliable, and loads fast have everything to do with your host. Several website owners leap straight into the first cheap e-commerce hosting provider they find. By the time they realize it might be a wrong call, they deal with the stress of a full website migration. As such, today, we are discussing the importance of finding the right hosts, aspects to consider when looking for one, and our […]

E-commerce Hosting: 8 FAQs Answered

We answer 8 important questions about e-commerce hosting in 2021 If you run an online store, it is more crucial to go with some of the best e-commerce hosting providers than you might imagine. Loads of businesses fall flat due to poor security, terrible loading speeds, and erroneously handled web servers. While you are looking for the ideal e-commerce hosting provider, it is best to choose based upon the factors that matter to you the most. Worry no more. This guide will help you find the answers to some of the most important questions associated with e-commerce hosting. 1. What […]
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