Data Backup

Backup means copying data in order to have a copy of the information that can be used to re-create content in case of data loss. Just like choosing high quality hardware is important, thorough backup routines are essential safety measures by any form of data handling. Backing up is also called safety copying and it can, in practice, be done in many ways. Like many people save an extra copy of their files online.

We do perform system backups daily, weekly, & monthly as part of our emergency recovery plan, however, our services do not include backup storage of your web site. We recommend that you maintain a backup of your web site on your local computer.

If necessary, we can go into our backups to retrieve web site files, however we charge a fee to perform the search and file recovery. Also, we cannot guarantee that the files that we recover (if any) will be the most recent snapshot of your site.

Backups as an Add-on service:

1) Backups for shared Hosting

We do not provide backups for shared hosting

2) Backups for Reseller Hosting

As a reseller hosting provider you need to take care of backups of your client’s website, however we will help you to take care of that by providing an extra storage space as per your needs You can upgrade your backup plan at any time. Simply choose from the following packages:

Storage Space for Backups
Amount payable for backups
10 cPanel/Plesk Account
30 cPanel/Plesk Account
35 GB/75 cPanel/Plesk Account
50 GB/100 cPanel/Plesk Account

2.1) Backup of a Suspended/Cancelled Account

In order to generate a backup of an account, status of the account should be “ACTIVE”.

However you can ask for the backups by placing a ticket to our sales department.

Backup of suspended /cancelled reseller account totally depends on size & availability of the backup as well as number of accounts under the reseller. If you need to take a backup, please submit a ticket to sales here and depending on the size or number of the accounts you will receive a quote for the same.

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