WooCommerce Vs Magento

WooCommerce Vs Magento

    Have you ever wanted to take your business online and sell your products, but dropped your idea because of uncertainty?? Well, we will help you to gain at least basic knowledge of it and take a thoughtful decision!!!

      WooCommerce and Magento are the two most commonly used eCommerce platforms which will help you to make your idea’s come true!! Both platforms have their own fan base, let‘s check their details one by one :

      1.WooCommerce :WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress based shopping cart system, it has more than 30.09% market share in eCommerce field. It is a WordPress plugin as any other plugin and best of all it is free!! One can just install the plugin, set up the shop and start selling products online. Although, WooCommerce comes with some limitations. Many clients will end up purchasing commercial extensions to setup features that aren’t available in the free. Depending upon the shop you are building and extension you require for it the price will add up. I suggest you start this journey by planning and creating a budget.

      2.Magento:Magento is an open-source technology which provides you facility to build a flexible shopping cart system. It is written in PHP atop the Zend-framework, available under both open-source and commercial licenses.The open-source Magento offers a unique features one will need to grow and create an online store from scratch.It is one of the best eCommerce platforms in terms of features, support, security and that is why it is considered SEO friendly eCommerce platform.

      Let’s cover all the necessary information you will need to know about both platforms to start working on it:

      1.Requirement: Requirement of both platforms is different and you can totally choose one depend upon your installation. WooCommerceis a familiar name to most WordPress users as WordPress is the most commonly used CMS in the world, it is used by nearly more than 75 million websites. WordPress users can easily install WooCommerce as any other plugin without any assistance. Well no need to worry if you do not have WordPress hosting or hosting at all, Magento is there for users like you. You can either self-host it or use as a cloud edition via Magento itself.

      2.Cost: WooCommerce is a completely free platform, you won’t need to pay a single penny to use it! However, Magento offers both free open source edition as we as powerful enterprise edition with extra features which lacks in the WooCommerce.

      3.Ease of use: WooCommerce users can get all ease of WordPress CMS. It supports nearly all WordPress themes and offers several customization options which you can handle with ease

      Magento is not a strong CMS compared to WooCommerce. User should at least have a basic level of web development knowledge to start with it.

      4.Performance:If your website takes too long to load, some of the customers will leave without a delay. It needs to work smoothly without any major loading time. And when it comes to performance regardless of any platform it is only depend on the functionality,choice of the web hosting provider, size of your site, etc. In simple word it depends mostly on you, and your hosting provider.

      5.Payment gateways: There are many payment gateway companies that allow you to accept payments on your website.But you will need to choose right method for accepting payments as if itis difficult for your customers to pay then they will just empty their cart and you are going to lose sales.Before starting with it you must know that there are two main types of gateways: Redirect and direct. A redirection gateway is one where a customer needs to leave your site in order to pay and will get redirected to an external page in order to process a payment.And with a direct gateway, you will be able to handles payments on your site only.

      Following are few of the best payment gateways which will help your business to look professional :

        WooCommerce :


        ● WooCommerce is absolutely free for a lifetime.

        ● It is a WordPress plugin so that you can use the benefits of WordPress and the additional eCommerce capabilities of WooCommerce.

        ● Cheaper to host as compared to Magento.

        ● Supports unlimited products.

        ● It is beginner-friendly.


        ● Only one version of WooCommerce is available (no enterprise edition).

        ● Requires many additional plugins to achieve ideal functionality that can lead to version conflicts and bugs.

        ● Not suitable for larger sites.

        Magento :


        ● Multiple versions are available with Enterprise, Open Source, Cloud, and other products.

        ● A large amount of out of the box functionality. More advanced payment and shipping capabilities.

        ● Magento offers advanced security features with dedicated security patches to close any vulnerabilities that arise.


        ● Weak CMS capabilities for content-heavy sites.

        ● Larger application with higher maintenance overhead typically.

        ● Hosting is costly

        CONCLUSION:It’s not easy to pick an overall winner since it totally depends on your requirements and capital, which platform you wish to go with. Some of the WordPress users among you may agree to go with WooCommerce to avoid the complexity. Others might want to go with Magento and hire professionals for better performance. You will need to take several factors under consideration and choose a suitable platform for you before starting with it !!!!

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