Why Your Business Needs the Right Web Design?

Whether you are a startup or some large corporate house, your online presence should make the right first impression in grabbing consumers’ attention and interest. A key part of this is having an attractive website that looks great and performs exceptionally.


    How Good Web Design Can Help Outstand Your Business

    You might have heard the phrase, don’t judge a book by its cover.’ In digital space though, the phrase falls flat; here the first impression is the last.

    Whether you are a startup or some large corporate house, your online presence should make the right first impression in grabbing consumers’ attention and interest. A key part of this is having an attractive website that looks great and performs exceptionally.

    For this reason, DIY website designing is not always a good idea; especially if you’re serious about scaling the business. A website design services provider should ideally be hired to design an awe-inspiring website that integrates your brand’s image and offers your business a distinct web presence. Still wondering… “but why”?

    Here are some crucial roles website design play for businesses:

    1. Deliver a better user experience

    Good user experience is the Holy Grail in the marketing landscape now. If you aren’t delivering a good experience to the website visitors, not only will it negatively affect your SEO but also your brand positioning.

    So, you need a proper web design that’s optimized for good UX; a design that’s good-looking and, at the same time, high-performing. This includes a good color-scheme, better navigation, easy readability, and various other elements.

    A professional website design services provider can help you design one such attractive website that checks all the right boxes when it comes to UX optimization.

    2. Improve conversion rate

    When you sell anything on your website, a responsive design makes it much easier and more fun for users to browse and shop. Pictures will be well-scaled, and the text descriptions will be easy to read. If users get bored with zoos and errors, if they find it difficult to shop on your website, they will quickly leave frustrated.

    In fact, even though many people overlook this, website design has a direct influence on conversion rate. The design should be optimized in a way that facilitates conversion. A non-responsive, poorly designed landing page will always fail to convert visitors no matter how great the product that you’re selling is. This is especially true today when more people are browsing the web from their smartphones.

    So, if a high conversion rate is what you’re looking for, make sure you have the right website design for it. Similarly, if your conversion rate is low, audit the website design, identify gaps, and make the necessary improvements.

    3. Reduce time and costs when building a website

    The “real” cost of poor website design isn’t a part of our conversation. But it should! Imagine you have an e-commerce website that offers high-quality products. But if the design is poor, it will directly impact the conversion rate. And the sales that you’re missing (aka the prospects who are leaving your website because of poor design), that’s a cost for your business and it could be very high. Similarly, you would think DIY website design may be cheaper. But as mentioned, poor design results in poor conversion. So, while DIY might look like a cheaper alternative, it’s actually a costlier option in the long run in comparison to hiring a provider of web design services India. The latter can design a great website that improves your sales and revenue.

    4. More Brand Traction

    Have you ever visited a website that was so good that you still remember the name of that brand?

    Good website design can do wonders for your brand positioning and recall. It can make your brand stand out from the crowd. To that, while your inbound marketing strategy can attract traffic, website design can help keep and engage that traffic.

    Also, a good website design promotes high sharing of content. This further adds to your brand’s reach; it further solidifies your social signals. This is one of the key priorities of e-commerce website design services providers. They ensure the website design enhances brand shareability and recall. And it’s a priority you should adopt as well.

    5. Improve the SEO of your e-commerce website

    It’s old news that search engines reward responsive website design. Interestingly, so many websites still have an unresponsive design that performs poorly on small, hand-held designs.

    Responsiveness is just one way how web design affects the SEO of the website.

    Imagine you land on a website that has a very bad design and framework. What would you do? Likely leave. This leads to a high bounce rate and low session duration; it results in high pogo-sticking. All these collectively affect your website’s ranking on SERP.

    Also, branding has become a key part of SEO now. If poor website design translates into negative brand exposure, this will inevitably affect your position on search engine result pages.

    So, if you want your e-commerce website to rank higher on SERP for relevant keywords, website design will come to play a key role here. The design ought to be attractive and UX-focused. This is more important if you’re in a highly competitive niche.


    Final words

    Don’t overlook your website design. Don’t rely solely on free tools just to save some bucks. Your business’s online presence, as well as its growth prospect, depends on its website design. Taking a reluctant approach here can cost you big.

    Hire a website design service provider and give your business the fitting web presence that it deserves. If confused about how your website looks, pick some key players in your industry, go through their website and take inspiration. Accordingly, ask your web designers to design your website.

    The right website design can unlock your business a whole new world of benefits that include higher scalability and sustainability.


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