White Label Reseller Hosting – Do You Know What Is It?

White-label hosting is a service provided by one company that other parties re-brand in order to hide the connection to the company owner. This feature may be very important if you are going to resell our hosting services. This is the ability to re-sell another hosting company’s servers, bandwidth, and hosting services as if they were your own company.

Who can opt for White Label Hosting?

Literally, anyone can use white label hosting to sell hosting services. Selling hosting services and taking care of all the technical requirements, like server management and maintenance, can be quite time-consuming. White label hosting takes the hard parts out of selling hosting.

If you are a web developer, an agency or planning to start your own hosting white label hosting can be a great additional service. 

Benefits of White Label Reseller Hosting:

  • It offers Broad-Range of Services:

You can offer add-on services to your clients with white label hosting. Suppose you design and develop websites for your clients, they will need to find a hosting provider to host those. You can make their work easy by offering hosting. Since those will be new websites, they will require a small amount of space as well as bandwidth which you can easily offer. This will also save time and money.

You can charge a bit higher than the cost at which you bought the reseller hosting. Also, you can easily handle the client queries as you get the support from your web host.

  • Earn Extra :

An online business owner has to pay for the hosting. After setting up their website on your server, you won’t have to look after the server management task. All the technical issues are handled by the support team of your web host. If you recommend a hosting service as a web designer, you just get paid for one time and that too just a small amount of referral fees.

With a white label, you will receive recurring payments from your customers. With this, your income will grow rapidly and this would be beneficial for you. The prices of a reseller account are quite affordable and so you can easily pay them. You can recover your costs with just a few customers that purchase hosting, depending on how much you charge them.

  • Retain Your Customers:

When your customers buy hosting along with other services, it will become easy to retain them. Including hosting into web designing services will surely help you to develop a long-term relationship with them. Your brand name will always be on their mind and you will be their first priority when it comes to a one-stop solution.

  • Minimum Space Needed:

When hosting multiple websites, you will need highly configured servers. These servers need to be monitored continuously in maintained environment. If you are offering hosting as an add-on service, you will need to do a lot of work. But with white label hosting, you don’t need to keep the servers at your office. This means you don’t require occupying your office space and so, you can run your business out of a home office.

  • Let the Web Host to carry all the load:

While reselling the services, you don’t need to manage the issues on the server or solve any technical issues of your clients. Your web host will look after everything. You can always contact them at any time. This also saves your time and helps you to focus on your business.

Features Included in White Label Hosting

WHM: WHM is a web host manager that helps you to offer complete control over your clients’ accounts. You can manage your client accounts, unlimited websites, emails and so on.

Billing Integration/WHMCS: Almost all reseller plans include WHMCS billing software that helps you in the easy billing of your customers and can also manage their payment plans.

Private Name Servers: Private nameservers (or Private DNS) are nameservers that do not reflect your hosting provider, but rather your own domain name. You will be able to separate your brand and the hosting provider from whom you have purchased hosting. So, private name servers are very important.

Domain Reseller Account: There are many providers that allow you to sell domains for extra income. You can even become a domain reseller. Also, your business becomes a stop solution for the customers as they can buy the domain as well as hosting from you. So, find a provider that offers you this feature with reseller hosting plans.

Add-on Services: You can even sell add-ons such as SSL certificate, VPS hosting, backup services, etc. with your web hosting service. Again this gives you a chance to earn additional income.

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