In today’s world, it’s rare that a company exists without a website.  The only way your audience can find you online is your domain name.  It’s common knowledge that a company’s presence and visibility on the internet can dramatically affect its chances of success.  It’s a part of your online ‘real […]

In the last week of June 2019, cPanel made an important announcement about their pricing structure for their Partners, Distributors and store customers. The new cPanel pricing and licensing structure announced on Thursday 27 Jun 2019 has caused plenty of emotions among web hosting companies. More or less out of the blue, cPanel […]

WooCommerce is one of the world’s most popular online store builders. A good WooCommerce WordPress theme is your gateway to the e-commerce world of WordPress. WooCommerce is huge. I mean, huge in terms of popularity and the degree to which it has taken over the web.  WooCommerce and WordPress: How Does It […]