9 Reasons To Use Plesk Control Panel

9 Reasons To Use Plesk Control Panel
    Plesk Control Panel

    Plesk is one of the world’s most popular WebOps hosting platforms, ideal for automating, running, and growing applications. The Plesk control panel is used on over 380,000 servers, helping run over 11 million websites. Since it is the system that is available across 140 countries, 50% of the top service providers globally select Plesk to support their customer support systems.

    Here, we’ll take a look at just 9 of the reasons why we love the Plesk control panel.

    1. User interface is intuitive

      Plesk’s intuitive interface is clean and well organized, user-friendly so that it’s easy to find exactly the features you need. The main reason to use a control panel is because it improves ease of use . It also makes working with your web hosting server faster, more efficient, and easier to learn. The Plesk control panel is one of the best options available in terms of being easy to learn and use.

      2. Strong Server and Site Security

      Anyone with a website needs to be thinking about website security. There are a number of things you can do to protect your website from hackers or malicious attacks, but one of the first steps to take is choosing the right web hosting platform and control panel. Plesk has a strong reputation for security and provides a number of different options for making your website more secure.

      Security is built into the core of the Plesk hosting panel, which makes it the perfect way to ensure peace of mind with your web development project.

      3. Plesk is mobile friendly.

        Plesk control panel has a mobile app that’s optimized for smaller screens, so all the different tasks you need to do within Plesk are just as easy on your smartphone or tablet as they are on a desktop. That makes it more useful for you, your employees, and your developers and makes it possible to get more of your work done faster, at the moment it’s needed.

        4. Compatible with a wide range of third-party applications.

        Plesk server panel supports many different operating systems, platforms and technologies. Thus multiplying its strength and contributing to the fact that most Windows Server installations use the Plesk control panel. Since cPanel and others don’t support Windows OS. Plesk is the one and only hosting and WebOps platform certified to run on all container and virtualization platforms, as well as large cloud hosting platforms like Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, and many more.

        Still, the Plesk server panel isn’t limited to Windows servers only – it supports many different Linux versions too. Plesk also works with lots of different tools and platforms. Like the out-the-box WordPress Toolkit extension. This comes available and ready to use with most Plesk Onyx editions.

        5. Wide Extension Catalogue

        Speaking of solutions that add further value to the Plesk experience, the company also recently developed its own extension catalog, where you can go to tap into various powerful extensions.

        The selection of extensions available includes GitHub, Docker, WordPress toolkits, and NGINX. All you need to do is click on the extension tab and browse through your options.

        6. It’s OS (operating system) agnostic.

        Plesk control panel works with both Windows and Linux servers, making it accessible to every website out there, regardless of the hosting plan they choose. If you use Windows hosting services now, or if there’s any chance you may want to in the future, choosing Plesk is the smart choice.

        7. Automatic Backups

        Many developers spend their days worrying about what would happen if they happened to lose all of their work to a sudden error or outage. Plesk has a solution to that problem in the form of their recently-added “Backup” service. With backup, you can create incremental and full backups for your website, complete with the ability to roll back changes on your database quickly and efficiently.

        8. Applications.

        If you want to design a state-of-the-art application for your customers, then Plesk can help with that too. It’s not just a control site for website building, it also offers a range of unique features that can help you design any online presence you like. For instance, you can add a wide variety of third-party applications to your build from the Plesk catalogue.

        9. Constant Growth

        Plesk connects with a developer market always looking for new ways to create efficient, secure, and fast infrastructures. With its open architecture, Plesk allows customers and partners alike to customise their Plesk experience with plenty of additional extensions and applications. What’s more, the experience constantly evolves thanks to the help of innovative developers. Available in 32 languages, Plesk could be the ultimate online control panel.

        Who Should Use Plesk Control Panel?

        The Plesk control panel is a good choice for anyone that wants a way to access their web server that’s intuitive and user friendly. It’s especially useful for business users and anyone who uses Windows hosting or other Windows products like ASP.NET that aren’t well supported by other common options like cPanel.

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