7 Benefits of WordPress Reseller Hosting

What are the Benefits of WordPress Reseller Hosting?

Starting a web hosting company is not easy… not unless you’re going the reseller hosting way.

The new-age technologies and innovative initiatives have pushed an entirely unique model to the surface wherein a person can sign up to WordPress reseller hosting in bulk and start selling that in smaller plans to other businesses. (Why just ‘WordPress’? Read #1 below!)

It is simple and has many benefits – part of the reason why a lot of people now are rushing towards the best WordPress reseller hosting to launch their own venture.

Here are 7 benefits of WordPress reseller hosting:

1. The appeal of WordPress

WordPress powers 39.5 percent of the web, including many Fortune 500 companies. That’s alone a tell-tale on why you should go with WordPress reseller hosting.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMSs), playing a go-to for the majority of the businesses who want a robust and easy-to-customize website. WordPress hosting allows one-click signup – and in just a few clicks one can have a functional website running.

So, opting for WordPress reseller hosting positions you strongly to attract a larger, ready-made segment.

2. No technical knowledge required

There’s a lot of technical elements involved in running web servers, which demand dedicated experts. A lot of technical aspects need to be taken care of.

Thankfully, with WordPress reseller hosting, you don’t have to worry about all the technicalities.

Yes, you do require a bare minimum understanding of the what’s and how’s, like storage, bandwidth, htaccess, and more. But when it comes to the technical execution, you don’t have to worry. Your web hosting provider will take care of it. And their 24/7 support will make things even easier in case you ever run into any technical problem.

3. Low setup cost or initial investment

You don’t need to have your servers. You don’t need to hire any experts. You don’t need to invest in hardware and software.

WordPress reseller hosting is a low-investment option with a meager setup cost. As your needs grow and your clients/customers demand more storage, bandwidth, and features, you can upgrade your plan as and when needed.

So, you don’t have to shell a lot of money in the initial stages. Start small and expand progressively. What more, if you happen to find a good managed WordPress reseller hosting solution provider, you can even avail further discounts, saving more money throughout this process.

4. Full autonomy in designing hosting plans

Just because you’re using their hardware and solution doesn’t mean you have to play by their rules. With WordPress reseller hosting, you enjoy complete autonomy in outlining your own plans for your clients/customers.

So, based on your business plan and the profit margin you’re aiming for, you can set custom WordPress hosting plans.

With the low setup cost, as well as the discount you avail from your reseller hosting service provider – you can choose to pass on that benefit to your clients/customers, or you can cut a higher profit margin by keeping your price high.

5. Growing with your own brand

You run a web host business under your own brand name. You don’t have to mention your host’s name anywhere. You can create your own terms and conditions, privacy policies, and a separate entity, all the while using their resources.

Building your own brand brings many opportunities to the table. For instance, if in the future you decide to expand your business by investing in your own hardware, you can migrate your clients/customers without losing them. Because they know and trust your brand name – and not your reseller web host’s.

6. Higher scalability and growth opportunities

The entire WordPress reseller hosting model is a recipe for growth (and success).

As mentioned in the previous points… You work with your own brand name. You devise your own hosting plans for your clients/customers. You decide on what kind of features you want to offer with your plans. You don’t have to make any hefty early investment.

All these, along with an effective business plan (including acquisition and retention strategy), combine to bring seamless growth opportunities. So, you can easily scale your web hosting business with definite steps.

7. Easy profit-making

Now, this doesn’t mean this is a ‘quick money’ scheme. All it means is the model is very favorable and has a lot of growth prospects. But to tap on those prospects, you need to work hard, have well-defined strategies, and partner with the right WordPress reseller hosting provider.

To make a good profit, you need the right mix of different things. Provided this, profit-making becomes relatively easy.


It’s worth noting that WordPress reseller hosting is also an ideal choice for web developers and digital agencies. They can host their clients’ websites on the reseller plan. Meaning, one doesn’t necessarily need to have entrepreneurial aspirations to buy WordPress reseller hosting.

In any case, now that you’re aware of the benefits, find the best WordPress reseller hosting provider and stride to leverage these benefits.



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